About Shine Day

Last year we ran our first Shine Day. 4 schools attended: ourselves, Weatheringset VCP, Prince Albert Primary and Leamore Primary School. We had a great day of collaboration and learning.

 A snapshot of the presentations from Shine Day Brum  How we planned Shine Day Brum

Shine Day Brum

SWOT Analysis for planning Shine Day


For a few years, at the end of each Academic Year, many schools celebrated Shine Week. This was an event where students could celebrate their achievements - the things they could Shine at - on a national scale. One June 14th 2010, funding for this event was cancelled by the UK government. Now at Paganel, we don't have the resources to run an entire week, nor even to run an event as successful as this one based at the RSC, but we can do something.

This year the Birmingham Hippodrome are with us. Their Education Team have hired us the Patrick Centre where for one day in May 2012, our children can Shine to a wider audience - 20 other schools (that's if you come of course...!)

We think one of the most powerful ways of learning something is when you can teach it to others, so we are hoping that our children and the children who join us will gain much in teaching others their skills, celebrating their successes and having something to Shine! To visit last year's website, click here.