Details for Teachers

What's going to happen.

The day is essentially lots of small presentations all joined together.

Each school will present for a maximum of 10 minutes - this can be anything:
  • a demonstration of something that happens in the classroom;
  • a talk, a dance, a song, or a show.
  • It can involve audience participation;
  • it should be about something the children have learned, or about a way in which they learn;
  • it should not involve adults (except for setting up and taking down - and maybe the odd prompt...!)
  • try to make it fun and engaging for the audience (which may include up to 20 schools).
Order of the Day
The children arrive at the Hippodrome. They settle down into their comfy seats and the presentations start. About half way through there's a break for food. And dounts. The presentations continue. If we're lucky some kind sponsors may have supplied prizes and there may be judging and goodie bags at the end. Then we all say goodbye and start thinking about the next exciting collaborative event.

Online Presentations
It may be possible for your children to participate online, and you may indicate your preference for this this on the sign-up form. However this has yet to be confirmed - watch this space!

Where is it?
To get to the Patrick Centre you need to head for the 'side of the Hippodrome', i.e. not the main entrance, but the entrance on Thorp Street at the postcode B5 4TB

When is it again?
Monday 21st May 2012

Consent for photos / videos

It would be great if the children coming already have consent for photos and videos to be posted on a public forum such as this website or local media. We appreciate that is not always possible for all children. Most schools have their own consent procedure for this which we will abide by and where consent is given, we will be following the normal safeguarding procedure of not posting photos / videos alongside children's names. We can send out consent forms for specifically for this event, if that would help.

More detailed instructions will be e-mailed when booking has been confirmed.

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